Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yeah, I know. It's been a while since my last post. I've been doing the writing and promo thing and blogging kind of got left by the wayside. But in case you're wondering how things are going with Schooled In Lies, I can honestly say that things are going pretty well.

I finished a two week mini virtual tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion that ended on the 14th. It was a very positive experience consisting of guest blog posts, interviews, and reviews. The reviews for Schooled In Lies have been excellent so far, although I still need some Amazon reviews...hint...hint! Click here for the links to my stops. I highly recommend Pump Up Your Book virtual tours. Dorothy Thompson is a sweetheart and made the entire process painless.

In other Kendra news, Tayari Jones, the author of Leaving Atlanta, The Untelling, and the forthcoming The Silver Girl, featured my books on her blog! Tayari is an author whose work I really admire and to have her as a supporter of my Kendra series is a huge compliment.

The Schooled In Lies book giveaway on Goodreads got 1,112 entries! If you entered and didn't win, don't worry. I'll be doing more giveaways in March.

I've been asked many times who I'd like to see cast as Kendra and the gang in a movie or series. Well, you can check out my picks on Storycasting, a site where authors and readers can cast their favorite books! Click here for the cast of The Company You Keep and Tangled Roots to comment or create your own cast.

For those of you who've been following the ongoing saga of my Paris adventure/thriller, which has been making the rounds to publishers since March of last year, I finally got some positive interest from a brand new e-publisher getting a lot of buzz that will be launching this summer. They really liked the book and asked for some fairly painless revisions. I took two weeks to address the issues in the manuscript and have resubmitted. Fingers crossed they like what I've done enough to offer me a contract.

Finally, for those of you living in Springfield, OH or surrounding areas, I will be signing copies of Schooled In Lies at Kroger on N. Limestone 2/27/10 from 12 - 3. I've never done a signing at a grocery store before. Please stop by and say hi so I'm not sitting there all alone directing folks to the toilet paper aisle ; ).


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