Monday, October 4, 2010

Kendra Clayton Series Trailer!

Lately I've been playing around with iMovie trying to put together a book trailer for The Paris Secret. While I was searching for the perfect video clips and images to use, it suddenly occurred to me that I'd never done a trailer for any of my Kendra Clayton mysteries. The reason being that when I was under contract for my series book trailers were still pretty new and even now their effectiveness in getting readers to buy a book is questionable. But I still think they are a lot of fun and just one small piece of the bigger promotional picture. Recently I discovered Animoto. Animoto is a service that allows you to upload images, video clips, and music and mixes them into cool custom slideshow videos. You can create unlimited 30 second videos or pay just $3 bucks for a full length video. They also have other payment plans. Here is the one I created for my Kendra Clayton series!

Create your own video slideshow at


Angie ; )

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